Alessandro Antonio Salis

Alessandro Antonio Salis

Well, since he’s written about us all on our website, I’ve decided to write about him. 
My father is a great person.  Of course it’s not easy to describe him properly in just a few lines, but I can try. If I had to list his good points I wouldn’t know where to begin.  Maybe his strongest point is his passion.  The passion he puts into everything, everything he does and in every conversation he has.  Passion drives his soul.  His capacity to see always the best in someone (even when there is little to see) and his enthusiasm for life make him a unique person.  He can create a rapport with a guest even on the first meeting.  He doesn’t really have a precise role in the running of the restaurant but he gives his all with passion.  There are certain things one might want to change in one’s life, but I am lucky and wouldn’t change him for the world! 
I love you, dad!

I wanted to write something about the man of my life but my son got there first! 

I’m just happy to have them both.

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