Our and your bed in the Argentina Valley

the kitchen is the most ancient art, because Adam was born fasting.

Dear friends when preparing a new fascinating dish you have to be aware that the result will be different for each of us. The reasons why are quite evident: Every disch has his own history often due to its territoriality :A sicilian dish, for example, cooked in Alto Adige, even if carried out correctly, won't have the same taste as prepared with Stagnone di Marsala. Is it a question of raw materials? Yes of course. But the most plausible and important reason is that WE are the mysterious ingredient! All those who are fond of the noble culinary art have their own theories, unusual manias, old tricks, magical remedies etc... But there is another reason..... The kitchen, my dear friends, is a place of creation, it's magical and sensual. Food is erotism and magic. The relationship with food is transformed into a kind of tactile fetishism. It is certified that to transform a dissonant combination of ingredients in a delicious dish, the only magical ingredient we need is PASSION. Love my mother used to say. So if we cook for friends or for the ones we love our dish will be at its best! Please don't undervalue that music written on a score is generally the same for every musician who plays it.

But now ask yourselves... why do mediocre and extraordinary musicians exist …. Every musician plays with great accuracy the same notes but the musicality changes... expression is more important than technique. Our slogan will be PASSION! Try a new creation only if you are able to elaborate, present and serve it with passion. Of course it goes without saying that I don't know the level of your cooking abilities for the preparation of the following dishes.


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