Our and your bed in the Argentina Valley

The sprays from the waves carress cliffs and soft beaches. Right behind smooth, lazy and unusual plains seem to leed to the end of times, to a wild and mighty nature, to centuries – old histories and mysterious legends, to fine works of art.

Scents of lavander melted with the colours of the wood, stone built bridges – guardians of old tracks which strenghten a panorama rich of mysterious medieval villages. Labyrinths of silent small streets, testimonies of an ancient civilization.
Simple and intense flavors like the extra – virgin Taggiasca olive oil, the beans of Badalucco, the crispy Triora bread or the tasty Carpasio one, chestnuts, goat and sheep's milk cheeses, the good Ormeasco wine...
Stories of witches and inquisition, horror, trials and condemnations to the stake, but also stories of ancient churches and menhirs.
Little villages with stone built arches, the crystal – clear water of the Argentina river which runs though the rudes gorges. The splendor of the religious art: the paintings of remarkable value in the sanctuary of “Madonna della Montà” in Molini di Triora or the painting by Taddeo di Bartolo preserved in the parish of Triora.
This is the Argentina Valley and even much more : a great indescribable emotion

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