Our and your bed in the Argentina Valley

Since 1897, Santo Spirito has always been our family-business, it offers hospitality and shelter. Significantly burdened by the suffering of the Great War, half destroyed by heavy Nazi bombing in July 1944, it offered service without closing a single day. Today, the situation is not so different ...

Santo Spirito is open all year round. It is closed for about twenty days in February, and enjoys a well-earned rest on Wednesday. This practice ends with the arrival of the month of July, when the summer season becomes more demanding. Grateful, we are open at your disposal every day until September. The building, built after the invasion of the House of Savoy in 1625, witnessed the country plagued by fires, suffered from damages as a result of war events over the following centuries. Our passion and hard work have enabled us to constantly update the building, with the intent to make it closer to your needs. The thirteen rooms are equipped with private bathroom, wi-fi, telephone, latest generation flat-screen TV. The stay provides a treatment quite different from that of most classic hotels. Making you enjoy the temptations of our cuisine, in fact, is a pleasant satisfaction which we are not willing to give up. Moreover, we are a family and you are our daily lives, not just our living. If you let yourself be pampered a bit, then your departure will be intense, and we will be sad to say goodbye but eager to meet you again soon. our hope, however, is that our relationship goes beyond the purely professional one, allowing you to have always true friends here.

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