Margherita Asplanato

Margherita Asplanato

I need more space to talk about Grandma Marghe but she wouldn’t like that as she shies away from compliments but the great results of her efforts need to be recognized.  With her old-fashioned modesty, not to be confused with shyness, Margherita is “Il Santo Spirito”.  If you think I’m exaggerating, pay us a visit any time, any day, she is always there- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has been for 50 years!  Any changes need to pass her careful screening first.  Marghe is an intelligent person who is always thinking about the business (her creation) and the future.  A military general who would be the pride of any army and at the front line!  I introduce her as “Field Marshall”- only joking!  The very soul of the business, with a thousand jobs to do, she found time to bring up two wonderful children; my wife, Mariachiara and my brother-in-law, Andrea (in age order!)

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